5 Heart Disease Warning Signs to Be Aware Of

5 Heart Disease Warning Signs to Be Aware Of

The leading cause of death in America is heart disease. Heart disease can have a wide variety of forms and causes. Urgent attention is necessary for some heart disease symptoms. Others may serve as cautionary indicators. These five signs are ones you shouldn’t ignore.

1. Chest Pain

heart disease

The most typical sign of CAD and a heart attack is chest discomfort. Angina is the medical name for chest discomfort. When your heart muscles do not receive enough oxygen or blood, angina develops. Both moderate and severe angina are possible. It could be characterized as crushing, squeezing, or scorching. It can happen in your arm, neck, jaw, or upper back, as well as behind your sternum and in your arm, neck, and mouth. Stress or activity may cause angina.

When the blood supply to your heart is stopped, a heart attack happens. If the blood flow does not increase, the heart muscle may begin to degenerate. Chest discomfort may be accompanied by the following heart attack warning signs:

  • having trouble breathing
  • severe phobia
  • Dizziness
  • nausea or diarrhea
  • Palpitations
  • excessive perspiration
  • Acid reflux or indigestion
  • extreme tiredness
  • Loss of awareness or fainting

Indigestion, for example, is one ailment that can result in chest discomfort but is unrelated to heart disease. Infections or arrhythmias are examples of illnesses other than CAD that can cause chest discomfort.

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